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  •– I discovered through another great finance blogger. It is a website designed to help users pay down their debt by providing debt snowball calculators, expense trackers, progress reports, etc.
  • Acorns– I use Acorns as a fun way to invest. It rounds up my purchases and transactions and invests it.
  • Microsoft– I use Microsoft Office for everything! Printables, Spreadsheets, Resumes, Workbooks, etc. Naturally, I signed up with this affiliate program in order to share access.
  • Ibotta– LOVE Ibotta for cash back on groceries! Instant access to funds so I can withdrawal without having to reach a specific limit.
  • Qapital– Found Qapital through Instagram and am very pleased! We use Qapital for our sinking funds. Cool features allow us to save different ways: round up, spend less save more, etc.
  • Amazon– We take advantage of Amazon Prime and use it to get better deals on many of our staple/stockpile items, and christmas savings. It helps with us being overseas. Subscribe and Save is a life saver with our baby needs!


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